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How to wear a Hoodie for women?

Hoodies are now a kind of clothing that people love very much. Many girls also love Hoodies very much because they are very comfortable to wear, and the designs of many Hoodies are also very fashionable. But a problem with Hoodies is that they will appear bloated if you are not careful. In fact, this problem is also easy to solve. Just pay attention to the type of pants. So which pants type will not look bloated with the Hoodies?

Jeans are generally slim-fitting and tight-fitting, while hoodies are often very loose, so that when paired together, the legs will appear to be very thin and long, and the bloatedness of the hoodies will be reduced a lot. And jeans and hoodies are very trendy and fashionable when paired together, and the overall feeling will be very energetic. In addition, jeans are also very versatile, do not choose the color and version of the hoodies .

Of course, there are many jeans that are not particularly slim, but jeans are basically very thin, so there is no problem with the hoodies, and it will definitely not look bloated.

Tights and hoodies will not look bloated when paired together, on the contrary, they will only look thin and long. The most common leggings are naturally black leggings. Black leggings are also a good match for hoodies. Basically all hoodies can be matched with black leggings.

School uniform pants are very loose pants, but they will not look bloated when paired with loose hoodies. The premise is that you are a tall and thin girl. If you are not tall and fat, don’t match it like this. This combination will add some academic style to the whole, and make the whole person look more youthful and energetic.

In general, for ordinary girls, if you want to wear a hoodies without being bloated, you must grasp the principle of tightening the upper and lower trousers. The upper sweater is very loose, and the lower trousers should be slimmer, not to mention tight-fitting, at least To be able to show thin legs.